Artech TW163V auto/variable TUA

To weld a wire to a steel body, the magnet is used to make a return contact. Strip back thermocouple wire and grip this wire using the pliers approximately 25mm from the cut end. The charge button is pushed then released. After a short interval the LEDS change from charging to ready. Hold the thermocouple wire firmly against the steel surface and push the weld button.

This welds the wire to the steel body (auto mode: weld is made automatically 1.5 seconds after contact). The energy setting knob is used to set the required energy for different wire diameters.

Finger Elements

ART 0303


  • Mains LED shows when battery is on charge
  • Recharging necessity shown by low battery LED
  • Built in tool storage
  • Supplied with magnet, pliers and mains charging lead
  • Manual and auto (hands free) operation
  • Strong stainless steel casing

Technical Details:

  •  Discharge energy: 20 to 50 watts per second
  • Supply voltage: 100-130 VAC
  • Dimensions (mm): 220 x 90 x 220
  • Approx weight: 4.5kg
Thermocouple attachment spares available

Thermocouple attachment spares available

ART 0210

ART 0306

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