Artech SW12V auto pin welding unit

The SW12V is a battery and mains powered capacitance-discharge welding unit with up to 250 joules energy output. This makes possible the welding of pins, thick wires and thermocouple wires on-site without mains power supply (unit will work from the mains while recharging).
Finger Elements

ART 0301


  • Hands free operation with audible count into auto weld
  • Battery and mains working – 110 or 230 VAC-IEC inlet with 2mm lead
  • Strong cased floor standing unit with rubber feet
  • Dinse style output connectors
  • Two metre welding leads with large pot magnet and interchangeable pliers – long nose for low range fine wire welding and large pliers for thick/pin welding
  • Auto switch off for battery conservation

Technical Details:

  • Discharge energy: 30 to 60 watts per second, or 125 to 250 watts per second
  • Supply voltage: 110 VAC or 230 VAC
  • Dimensions (mm): 255 x 230 x 310
  • Approx weight: 6.5kg
Thermocouple attachment spares available

Thermocouple attachment spares available

ART 0210

ART 0306

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Artech SW12V auto pin welding unit

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