Chino EH 3000 series

The EH 3000 series is a dot printing type analogue recorder with 180mm width chart. Recording points are 5 kinds, 1 point to 12 points and clear recording of temperature, pressure, flow and level. 

Finger Elements

ART 0501


  • Standard 12 Channel
  •  Temperature range 0-1200 °c
  • Type K sockets
  • 6 Chart speeds (switchable as standard)
  • Chart and Scale illumination
  • Panel mounting

Technical Details:

  •  Chart width: 180mm
  • Min thermocouple: NiCr/NiAl type k
  • Mains: 110V/240V (50/60 H2)
  • Dimensions (mm): 288 x 288 x 220
  • Approx weight: 8kg

Also available – AL 4000 series 100mm
multi point hybrid memory recorder.
Artech Ref No: ART 0503


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