Chino AH4712-EOA 12 Point Digital Recorder DIGITAL DISPLAY OF MULTI - CHANNEL DATA

The Chino AH 4712 - EOA digital recorder is a 180mm multi-point type, having 12 channels and provides a simultaneous display of multi channel data,universal sensor input with alarm display and printing options, including saving data to an SD card which can then be processed from a CSV file. 

The recorder has a bright and clear LCD display and measuring value display is prepared as a sequential single channel display, multi - point display or digital display with bar graph display.

Various measuring and recording settings can be easily configured by the front control panel without the need for PC connection.

Available as a panel mounted version, and also mounted version, housed in a robust mild steel casing with carry handles and the choice of red or blue powder coated finish.

  • Standard model 12 channel
  • Temperature range 0-1200 C ( factory set - function to change within programming menu )
  • Type K polarised sockets fitted to the rear
  • SD card to export data to PC
  • Ethernet connection for Web Viewer and email alarm notifications
  • Chart end detection function 
  • 6 chart speeds ( 12.5, 25, 50, 75, 100, 150mm / h )
  • Chart and scale illumination for viewing in low light
  • CE approved
  • Full range of charts, inks and spare parts available
  • Chart Width : 180mm
  • Chart type : EH5035 ( 0-1200 C )
  • Thermocouple : NiCr / NiAl, Type K
  • Mains supply : 110v / 240v ( 50 / 60 Hz )
  • Dimensions and weight :

         Panel Mounted version: 290mm x 245mm x 290mm / 8Kg

         Product Code : ART 0502 PM

         Case Mounted version: 430mm x 355mm x 365mm / 18Kg

         Product Code : ART 0502 CM